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Data Sheets & Downloads

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      The Lectros System 12 Page Guide



      The Lectros Guide to electro-osmotic damp proofing



      The Lectros System Installation Instructions


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Technical papers on electro-osmotic damp proofing and its effectiveness:

Mr. David Young, O.A.M, B. App. Sc., Heritage Consultant, has been an advocate of desalinating masonry to remove the hygroscopic salt content and has published a paper entitled 'Get the Salt Out'. Davids knowledge and experience in the conservation of Heritage Buildings has resulted in his conclusion that the importance of desalination ranks as high as the reduction of moisture content.


      Download 'Get The Salt Out'


Lisbeth M. Ottosen, (Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering), has published a number of papers and her endeavours have been totally independent and without any knowledge of the Lectros Electro-Osmotic System:

Lisbeths paper Drying Brick Masonry by Electro-Osmosis concludes:

"The electro-osmotic transport of water seemed more efficient in pilot scale than in laboratory scale, and in pilot scale it was possible to collect water underneath the cathode after few days of current. Thus the overall concept with water movement in an applied electric field is working."

button    Lisbeths Drying Brick Masonry By Electro-Osmosis


And a further published article by Lisbeth M. Ottosen entitled "Salt-Related Problems in Brick Masonry and Electrokinetic Removal of Salts" also concludes:

"We have shown that it is possible to remove chlorides and nitrates from bricks in the laboratory using an applied electric DC field. The initial salt concentrations in the bricks would have been considered problematic but after electrokinetic treatment non-problematic salt concentrations were achieved. Electrokinetic removal of salts from the masonry of an old stable wall was trialled and it was seen from preliminary results that here both chlorides and nitrates were removed from the masonry."

button   Lisbeths Salt-Related Problems in Brick Masonry and Electrokinetic Removal of Salts


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