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Latest News

Lectros demonstrates it's heritage pedigree

Since it's launch 1978, the Lectros Osmotic Damp Proofing System has been used extensively in a huge number of prestigous heritage projects around the world. Lectros is specified for a number of key reasons:

  • It is highly effective in all kinds of walls.
  • It is a green damp proofing solution because it uses no chemicals.
  • It can be removed so does not alter the historic nature of a building.

Architects across the world have specified the Lectros System because of these three reasons. Lectros has been actively helping to keep the following buildings dry since installation:

Freemantle Prison fitted with a Lectros Osmotic Eco DPC SystemThe University of Manchester
The Presidential Residence, Dublin.
Manchester Museum
Ripley Castle
Ely Cathedral
Freemantle Prison - Australia
Army Barracks - Cluj, Romania
The Australian Emassadors Residence, Cambodia

Lectros is equally at home drying out smaller properties such as cottages and terraced houses and has been successfully installaed in over 200,000 properties world-wide. With our Digital Diagnostic Unit attached, you can visibly watch your walls dry out giving you 100% peace of mind that your property is cured of the problems of rising damp.

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